Kitchen Snake Cleaning Sticks Cog Remover

৳ 399.00

রান্নাঘরের বেসিন এর ময়লা বা বাথরুম এর ময়লা পরিষ্কার করুন রোবোটিক্স হাত এর মতো স্টিক দিয়া।

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Dredging Tools Drain Snake Cleaning Sticks Cog Remover Hair Hook Spring Pipe Drain Cleaner Filter Tools Kitchen Sink Household

1. Widely used for cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, sinks, tubs, and dredging pipe, drain, sewers and other places clogged often.
2. Multi-tooth drain snakes efficiently catch hair, food and other blockages.
3. Easy to capture a solid obstruction and hook the hair and debris.
4. 60cm long enough to insert to deep pipes, hold the loop, easily pull out blockages.


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